The purpose of this book is to present the technology requied to develop hardware and software for embedded controller systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Included in the book are hardware schematics of 8051 family development systems (single board and bussed 8051 microcontroller). Source code for both the 8086 and 805 family FORTH operating systems is published in the book. Binary images of the opeating systems can be generated from teh source code using the metacompiler also contained in the book. The book can be seen as a “toolbox” includingg all the necessary hardware and software information to be used in constructing 8051-based controller systems. [amazonで見る]

フォースの真剣な利用者は、言語は”記述のみ”のプログラミングを奨励するという批判に気がつくだろう。ディック・ポウンテーンはこの本の中で、この描写がすぐに時代遅れになるであろうことを示した。データ構成を構築する系統的なアプローチは、再利用可能でデバグ(修正)済みでテスト済みのコードのモジュールに到達する。あなたが熱心なアマチュアか新しく複雑な精密機械管理に巻き込まれた専門家であろうと、もしくは、あなたが家庭用コンピューターを利用しているか大きく高性能のものを利用してに関わらず、全てのフォースプログラマーと作成者はこの本を読むべきである。 —- Serious users of Forth will be aware of the critic’s jibe that the language encourages “write-only” programming. Dick Pountain shows in this book how this description might soon become outdated: a systematic approach to building data structures can result in reusable, debugged and tested modules of code. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional involved in new and complex instrument control, or whether you use a home computer or a large and powerful one, every Forth programmer and implementer should read this book. [amazonで見る]